e Premium ResMan Integration- From Start to Finish

1. When you first login to ResMan, you start here at the BoardRoom.



2. You will first notice, ePremium actually has their own module, with a summary for the property. From there you can see pending, soon to expire policies and any other ePremium issues that need to be highlighted to managers. Any of those items can be clicked and brought to a detail page in ePremium.



3. Now let's look at a specific resident. Accounts>Residents




4. Today, I'm going to click on this resident, Denise Barrows.




5. Now I'm in the resident's landing page. This is the front page for any current resident.




6. Within a resident's landing page, there is an insurance module.Click the blue bar for the module and it expands.




7. From the module, you have a button to add, edit, or delete. To edit or delete, make sure you click the policy you want to edit or delete first.



8. When the policy is clicked, your selection will expand with more details.



9. Clicking Edit takes the user further into ePremium to the full ePremium platform. No sign in needed! There you have all the options provided by ePremium.



10. Clicking Add within the Insurance module, resman will prompt the user, asking the type of policy to be added.



11. Selecting Renter's or eDeposit, will bring you back into the ePremium platform for the appropriate screen and steps to add a policy.




12. Selecting the Other Insurance option allows users to enter in another kind of policy with a different provider.




13. The other two options in the insurance module, other than 'Adding' a policy, allows us to edit or delete a policy. Select the policy and press edit, you will be taken into the ePremium platform to edit an existing policy.



14. Using the delete function isn't applicable to ePremium policies. All ePremium policies stay on file and update according to the data pulled from ePremium's platform. The delete option is only possible for a policy added using the 'Other' option, if there was a non-ePremium policy on file.




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