How does ResidentCheck work with Resman?

ResidentCheck is one of our Resident Screening Partners.  To use ResidentCheck through ResMan, do the following:

1. Set up your ResidentCheck account

2. Let your ResMan Implementation Specialist know.  We will contact ResidentCheck and create the link for you!

3. To learn about Screening Applicants in ResMan, Click Here!

Having Issues? Try this
Issue: Can I enter guarantors when running a ResidentCheck screening?
Try: Yes, if your property is currently configured to permit guarantors.  If you are not already setup, just contact ResidentCheck and provide the acceptance criteria for guarantors!

Issue: Can I still start the ResidentCheck screening process if I have already approved the applicant?
Try: Sure, click into the Screening Results module and click the ADD button. It will start the screening process!

Permissions and Settings

Before you can use ResidentCheck through ResMan, we need to set this integration up for you. If you need this done, please contact your Implementation Specialist.

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