What is the Traffic Scoreboard BoardRoom Module?

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The Traffic Scoreboard allows the user to identify the current number of units exposed or unleased. It also shows employee contributions to leasing results.  



The Traffic Scoreboard reflects:

  • The onsite team's “"AVG"” closing ratio for the last 12 months.
  • The number of "“Qualified"” Prospects needed to cover or lease the exposed or uncovered units.
  • Employee Traffic Statistics (Click the property name to reveal employee statistics.)

Employee Traffic Statistics include:

  • Year Closing Ratio - reflects the employee's Year to Date (YTD) results.
  • Face-to-Face - reflects the number of prospects who had face-to-face interaction whether a unit was shown or not (MTD).
  • Units Shown - reflects the number of physical units toured by the employee (MTD).
  • Leased - reflects the number of units leased (MTD).
  • Contribution - reflects the individual's contribution to the overall leasing results (MTD).

At the bottom of the Employee Traffic Statistics, you'll see a blue hyperlink to the "Prospect Employee Summary" report. Click on the link to generate the report in a new tab. The Net Closing Ratio is Month To Date (MTD).

How is the Traffic Scoreboard exposure number calculated?

The Exposure number on the Traffic Scoreboard Boardroom module is the number of vacant and notice to vacate units that currently exist (regardless of dates).  



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Permissions and Settings

To view the Traffic Scoreboard Module you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > BoardRoom Modules > Traffic Scoreboard.

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