What numbers are pulling on the Prospect Source Summary report?


New Prospects = Number of first contacts made from the source 

Return Prospects = Number of prospects (contacted within the date range) where their first contact was before the report start date or if the prospect was contacted twice in the date range

New Units Shown = Number of prospects to whom units where shown for the first time in the given date range

New Leases = Leases that applied during the period and the where shown a unit during the given date range

Cancelled Leases = Any lease that was cancelled in the report date range regardless of when they were shown

Cost Per Period = (Cost Per Year / Number of Day in Year) * Number of Days in Report

Note: The Cost Per Year number is stored in the Admin > Prospect Sources record

Cost Per Lease = Cost Per Period / (New Leases - Cancelled Leases)

Leased Upon Return = Leases that applied during the period but where shown in the given date range


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