What is the Efficiency Ribbon?

The Efficiency Ribbon refers to the icons at the bottom of the ResMan screen.  These icons link you to the most commonly-accessed areas within ResMan by onsite staff.  


The icons from left to right

  • Lead Dashboard - allows you to track leads from prospect to move in
  • ResMan Adviser - reflects tasks and company communication
  • Calendar - allows you to track events on both a property and individual level
  • Tasks - allows you to view, add, and complete your tasks
  • Availability - opens in a new tab the available units report
  • BoardRoom - takes you back to the BoardRoom as well as closes all open BoardRoom modules
  • New Prospect - allows you to quickly add a new prospect
  • New Work Order - allows you to quickly add a new work order
  • Transactions - allows you to quickly enter a new transaction 
  • New Invoice - allows you to quickly enter a new invoice 
  • Resident Communication - displays messages sent by a resident through the Resident Portal


Permissions and Settings

Under your user options, you have the option to show the efficiency bar or not. Simpy click you name in the top right corner. Under the General section, select yes or no.

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