What is the Property Summary BoardRoom Module?

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The Property Summary provides statistical information on the chosen Property or group of Properties.

There is no limit to the number of Properties that can be assigned to  a portfolio.

Occupancy Chart

a.  Projected %-reflects projected occupancy going forward 90 days; accounting for all units on notice, leased and preleased units with scheduled move-ins or move-outs.

b.  Physical %-reflects physical occupancy as of the current date and 90 days back.

c.  Economic %- reflects rent deductions (like vacancy loss, rent concessions, ect) from Gross Potential Rent. It shows 90 days in the past and 90 days in the future. (Note: You will setup this up in Admin > Settings > Reports)


 How does ResMan calculate Economic Occupancy?

It is all setup within Admin > Settings, Reports:

Select your Gross Potential Rent account, and Loss to Lease account.

Then select any GL accounts for Concessions and Vacancies.

How does ResMan calculate Projected Occupancy?

Projected Occupancy is calculated by:   ( Current Occupied Units - Notice to Vacate Units + Pre Leased Units ) / total units * 100.  

The Available Units report will show you the Pre-Leased units and the Scheduled Move Outs (Notice to Vacate Units).  

But, you ALSO have to take into account the Move In/Out dates.

  • In the Vacant Pre-Leased Section, look for MI dates before that month.
  • In the Notice to Vacate Section, look for MO dates after that month.

Those will also affect the projected occupancy numbers


Statistical information on the bottom half of the portal provides more detailed information.

a.  Toggle between the various Properties in the portfolio (property group) to change the chart on the top half by clicking on the property acronym.

b.  The Property's acronym that is underlined is the information reflected in the chart.



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Permissions and Settings

To view the Property Summary BoardRoom Module you need permission to  To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > BoardRoom Modules > Property Summary.


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