How do I "Move In" a Resident?

The "Move In" step in the Leasing Workflow lets ResMan tells ResMan that the applicant has moved in to the unit.  Completing this step provides ResMan with the Move-in date and converts the Applicant to a Resident.  
MI_1.JPG           MI_2.JPG 

Verify the Move-in date is Correct. 

Choose between the following options to continue:
  • Move In - this moves the person in and posts the Move In transactions.
  • Move In & Post Transaction - this moves the person in, posts the Move In transactions, and takes you to the "New Transaction" screen where you can post additional transactions (like adding a taking a payment from the resident or adding a charge). 
  • Back - this allows you to return to the previous screen.  

Your Applicant has now been converted to a Resident.  Notice the options under Actions changes with the resident.  

NOTE: Your Move-In Proration looks at the items in your Recurring Charges module.
For the Move-In Proration to work, the charges MUST be dated ON or BEFORE the Move-In Date.
If not, you will get a red warning during Move-In that nothing will be charged. 


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