How do I Transfer a Resident?

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A.  Applicants

  • Click > Transfer from the Applicant portal.

B.  Residents

  • Select one or more resident to transfer.
  • Enter Notice Given Date and Move-Out Date
  • Select the new Unit.
  • Enter Start and End Lease dates.
  • Recurring charges will display.
  • Click > Add to create new recurring charges as needed.
  • To add a One-Time charge, click Add in the One Time Charges section.
  • Click > Transfer
    1. ResMan assigns each resident with an individual tab so that their specific information can transfer with them
    2. Demographics will transfer with the residents
  • New lease/ unit is not reflected as Pending Transfer (PT).
  • Old lease/ unit is now reflected as a Notice To Vacate (NTV).
NOTE: To cancel a Pending Transfer (PT), click on the Cancel link under the Action Menu
Click to go to the: Transfer - Finish page:  


Need more help? Watch this video

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Permissions and Settings

To transfer a resident you need permission to transfer applicants and residents between units. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Residents > Transfer.

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