How do I Renew a Lease?

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Start Lease Renewal

1.  Select Resident

2.  Click > Renew Lease in the Action Menu


3. Enter Start and End Date



4.  Existing recurring charges will display

  • Add or Delete as needed
  • You can also edit them later in the renewed lease
  • Concessions will appear, but with zero's

5.  Click > Extend renters insurance to new lease if needed

6.  Click > Renew Lease to save 

  • New lease/unit is now reflected as Pending Renewal (PR)
  • Old lease/unit is still reflected as a current lease
  • Until the Start Date, you can click Cancel to reverse this process.


Sign Lease

1.  Click > Sign Lease


2.  The following day after the Start Date these changes will occur:

  • New Lease/ unit is now Current.
  • Old Lease/ unit us now Renewed (R).


Complete Lease Renewal

1.  The change of status will happen automatically at the end of the Start Date IF you have done Sign Lease by that date.

2.  If you want to change the status manually or for this status change to happen immediately:  Click > Begin Lease Contact.

  • Rules for: Begin Lease Contract
  • Do not use Begin Lease Contract for future renewals.
  • Just let the system make the changes for you automatucally on the morning of the correct date.
  • Use Begin Lease Contract IF the lease starts "today" or before "today"
NOTE: Charges MIGHT be prorated at the time a lease is renewed...depending on your settings.  Follow this link for more information: Does Renew Lease prorate the Recurring Charges? 



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Permissions and Settings

To renew a lease you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Residents > Renew.

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