How can I Edit (change) or Reverse a Resident Transaction?

There are TWO VIDEO'S at the bottom of the page.


ResMan® provides an easy process to reverse or edit a transaction. (Examples: Payment to wrong unit, Amount Error, Description Error)

1.  Locate the Resident:  Enter the Unit number or resident name in the Quick Search box.

2. Open the Ledger module.  

3. Click the line of the transaction to be Edited/Reversed. It will be highlighted

4. Click > Edit or Reverse

    • Under Notes enter the reason for the correction 

   5.   Enter the date and the reason for the REVERSAL transaction. 

NOTE: If possible, make the reversal date the SAME as the original transaction.


6.  Click > OK.

7. The next screen will display the original transaction. Make any changes/corrections needed.





Video too small? Click the Full Screen link on the lower right of the video!


Permissions and Settings

To edit a resident transaction you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Edit.

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