How do I enter a new resident transaction?


ResMan® allows the user to access the Transactions screen in a variety of ways.

1.  Clicking the Transaction Icon will allow the user to quickly navigate to the Transaction Module.

2.  Access the Transaction Module via the navigation ribbon across the top of the application by hovering over “Accounting Link” and then expand the Receivables” drop down menu and select “Transactions”.

a.  From the Transaction screen the user can chose from 5 sub menu navigation links including New Transactions. Click on New Transaction to access transaction module

    • Clicking a blue hyper link in the Transaction Portal will take the user directly to that transaction for editing
    • Choosing the New Transaction link in the sub navigation menu or from the icon will open the Transaction module
    • Once the Transaction Module opens tab through filters and enter charge/credit or payment information as required and save



Permissions and Settings

To enter a new resident transaction you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Add.

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