What does MINOL (Utility Billing) offer through ResMan?


Minol offers two levels of service to ResMan Customers:

  • Bill Only:  They bill your residents, but you are responsible for collecting the payments from the residents
  • Bill & Collect:  They bill your residents, handle the collection efforts, and collect the payments.
    • At month-end they will pay the property these funds (less their fee)

The items below are AFTER you have received and downloaded your monthly batch of billings from Minol (previously discussed in Partner Transactions)

A.  Boardroom


  1. Utilities by Minol - Will show the type of service chosen
  2. Click to drill down to a summary page that displays contact information, last billing cycle, total amount billed in each category (Water, waste, etc.)

 B.  Tools > Integration Partners > Minol

  1. Shows contact information
  2. Under Billing History, it displays details of each batch billed
  3. If you are using the Bill & Collect feature, the Aged A/R will display the balances for each resident.

C.  Resident profile page > Utility Ledger

  1. Shows the detailed billing for each month with total billed
  2. If you click the blue date link, a copy of the resident's bill is shown.

D.  Move-Outs

  1. During the Move-Out process, the final Minol billings will display.
  2. Since the utilities are billed behind, it will show last month's bill+ this month's prorated bill.

E.  Resident Portal

  1. They will see a Utility Ledger tab, that will display their Utility History
  2. They can also click to see their utility bill



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