How do I enter a new Purchase Order?


1.  Accounting > Payables >  Purchase Orders

  • User will see Outstanding Purchase Orders

2.  Select > New Purchase order

3.  Enter Vendor Name

4.  PO number

  • Check box to automatically generate PO number
  • To enter your own PO number, uncheck the box

5.  Verify Date - defaults to property date

6.  Enter description in line with your companies policies & procedures

7.  Enter Line items

  • Enter Unit #/ bldg/ rentable item/ WOIT
  • User may enter more than 1 line item (click > ADD)
  • Enter GL Account
  • Enter Description
  • Enter Unit Price $
  • Choose the Tax Group
  • Enter shipping cost in field if applicable
  • Enter Discounts in field if applicable

8.  Check PO amount against Budget via Budget Reference Click > Refresh

9.  Save 

Note: You can distribute line items by using an AP Allocation Template. Select Distribute> Use Template> and select the template from the list.
ResMan will allow the user to generate a report by GL so that the user can see what expenses were incurred in that unit. (Ex: Pull GL for Carpet Replaced to see all units that had carpet replaced)



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