How do I create Recurring Invoices? (Templates)

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Allows the user to set up Templates that can either be generated automatically or retrieved as needed.

1.  Accounting > Payables > Invoices > Template (on the sub-menu)

 2.  Click NEW

3.  Enter the Vendor

4.  Enter the Invoice Total

5.  Enter an Invoice description

6.  Enter distribution lines

7.  Add note (optional)

9.  Choose a Frequency

  • Not Scheduled: will have to generate manually, as needed
  • Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ Monthly:  choose the day it should recur.

10.  Choose a start date

11.  Choose an ending date (optional)

12.  SAVE


You can setup invoices to recur: • On Specific dates (automatically generated) • Or available to be generated as needed


Recurring Invoices (Templates): Automatically Generated

1.  On the date that the invoice is schedules to occur, a task will display for the designated user.

2.  They will need to go into the invoice and edit it as needed (Invoice Number, dates, etc.)

Recurring Invoices (Templates): As Needed

1.  Accounting > Payables > Invoices > Templates (on the sub-menu) 

2.  Click Post

3.  Enter an Invoice Number

4.  Change the dates if needed (today's date will default)

5.  Click Save


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