What options are within User Groups?

The setting "Groups" provide you with the ability to grant/restrict access to all users that access ResMan. You can group all maintenance users, lease users and corporate users into "groups" and grant/restrict access in the tasks they can perform within ResMan. 

To access this setting, from the main tool bar select Admin>Groups. A comprehensive list will allow you to see what groups exist and who are the users in those groups. 




  • These groups will appear as default in your ResMan page. Please select each group and select permission for each category by clicking on the appropriate box. 
  • At the bottom of the page, select which users should be assigned to the given group.

New Group


1.  Admin > Groups > New Permission Group

2.  Enter a name and description for the group you are creating.

3.  Check the box next to each of the actions you want the user to be able to preform. Don't forget to select for each category listed. The list is long.

4.  At the bottom of the page, select which users should be assigned to the given group.

5.  Click > Save


Copy Group

This can be used if you want to create a new group that has similar permissions to an existing group

1.  Admin> Groups

2.  Select the group you would like to copy

3.  At the bottom of the page, click the Copy button

4.  You will be taken to a new page with all of the permissions copied.  Now follow the instructions for adding a group.


Group Membership 

This area allows you to remove users from their existing group and add them to this group.
Click on a user on the left side, to move them into this group.




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