How do I use the Waiting List (Wait List)?

The video is at the bottom of the page.


1.  Enter prospect/applicant/resident name in "Quick Search"  

2.  Choose Manage > Waiting List  from Navigation Pane on left side or scroll down to find the Waiting List module.

3.  Click on Waiting List to Expand module
  • Click Add

 4.  Type (select one):

  • Unit
  • Unit Type
  • Rentable Item
  • Rentable Item Type

5.  Item:

  • Unit - unit #'s
  • Unit type - floor plan types
  • Rentable Item - List of rentable items
  • Notes: add notes
  • Click OK
  • Alert will let user know a customer is on wait list when the Unit/Rentable Item is placed on NTV.  You can follow the link to see the waiting list options.
Note: You can navigate to the waiting list to send an email to selected people on the waiting list! Accounts> Waiting List> Select the list to view> Select who you want to send an email to.


Note: If your Prospect desires multiple unit types, set them up on multiple waiting lists. Once you assign them to a unit, they will be removed from all waiting lists!



Video too small? Click the Full Screen link on the lower right of the video!


Permissions and Settings

To get to the waiting list link you need permission to view prospects. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Prospects > View.

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