How do I use "Convert to Applicant"?

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The "Convert to Applicant" option in the Leasing Workflow begins the application process for a Prospect.  It will result in converting them from a Prospect to a Pending Applicant. 

  • Use the "Quick Search" to search for your Prospect's "Prospects" page. 
  • Choose "Convert to Applicant" option from the Leasing Workflow. 
  • Select the Prospects who are applying (usually Select All)
  • Select their Household Status
  • Select if they will be a Main Contact in the Unit (You'll likely direct much of your communication to the Unit Main Contact(s) through the "Main Contact" merge field. 
  • Select the Unit they are applying for
  • Enter the correct Application, Move-in, and Lease dates.
  • Enter the correct lease term  - Defined (a pre-setup length of time) (i.e. Summer Session) OR number of months (will prefill the Lease End date for you)
  • Select the Applicant Type (created in Property setup)
  • If you hover over any fees, a red "x" will appear to the right.  Click on the "x" to remove any unwanted charges (i.e. children being charged application fees). If you remove any fees, you'll need to provide the reason you are waiving them. 

10.  Click "Save"

NOTE: You may need to access the Prospect record AFTER you have completed Convert to Applicant.
  •  There are TWO separate records: The Prospect and The Applicant
  • You can still get back to the Prospect record if you need to change something (i.e. Prospect Source, Leasing Agent, etc.)
  • Prospect are found in Accounts > Prospects
  • Prospects can no longer be found in ResMan’s Quick Search box once you have completed Convert to Applicant.


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Permissions and Settings

To convert a prospect to an applicant you need permission to first open and view prospects. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Prospects > View.

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