How do I "Sign Lease"?

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The "Sign Lease" workflow is to let ResMan know that your prospect has signed the lease.  This provides the "Date Lease Signed" field and is a requirement before an applicant can be moved in. 
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1.  Before an approved applicant can be moved in, the lease must be reflected as signed.

2.  All this does, is fill in the Date Lease Signed field.


Note: If you have an account with Blue Moon, Create Lease will appear until you perform Move-In. Clicking that option will take you to the Blue Moon website, where you can print the lease. Just provide your Blue-Moon Serial number and username to ResMan and we will setup that link for you! 

If you are setup with ResMan's Easy Lease, Create Lease will email the lease to all signers so that they can sign electronically through Docusign.



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Permissions and Settings

To "Sign Lease" under the leasing workflow you need permission to make changes to existing residents. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Residents > Edit.

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