How do I create utility charges for my residents if I use a utility partner? (Partner Transactions)?


Each month, our utility partners will transfer a file into ResMan that contains the charges for your residents. You will receive an email informing you when the file is ready to post to your residents.

These are the steps to create charges for the individual Residents.

1.  Accounting > Receivables > Partner Transactions


2.  Select the Property

3.  Select if you want to view Unposted or Posted files

a.  Unposted: Still need to be charged to residents

b.  Posted: Previously charged

4.  Click on the file needed

5.  Enter the Posting Date (this will be the charge date)

6.  Some partners may require you to enter a Import Value (type of charge), select a Matching Transaction Category (i.e. electric, water).

7.  Click POST

NOTE: This information only applies if you have chosen one of our partners as your utility billing company.


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 Permissions and Settings

To create utility charges using an integrated partner you need permission. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Partner Transactions > Post.

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