How do I use ResMan Tasks?

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Clicking the Tasks Icon will allow the user to view and/or complete their color coded scheduled tasks in the form of a pop up.


1.  Color coded bars reflect the priority level

    • High Priority Level = RED
    • Medium Priority Level = Yellow
    • Low Priority Level = Green

2.  To generate a new task click on the word “New” in the bottom right corner of the Tasks pop up.

    • New tasks generated from the Tasks Icon are reflected as “Medium Level” priority item accented by yellow bar.

3.  Click in the check box to mark the item as complete. Once the pop up has been collapsed the item will drop off the list.

    • To collapse the pop up use the minimize symbol (-) in the top right corner.

4.  The Tasks Pop Up will remain open regardless of what module or portal the user is viewing.

Note: Incomplete tasks show up on the calendar.


5.  Adding Tasks to other users

    • You must have the necessary security rights
    •   Tasks > Assign Tasks to other Employees
    • Personal > Tasks -- New Task (submenu)
    • Fill out the task details & assign it to a particular employee or group
    • From the Tasks module the user can add “New Tasks” or choose a task to edit from the list by clicking on the blue hyper link.


Note: You can also create a Task Template, which is a task that automatically occurs! It is on the Task sub-menu.



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Permissions and Settings

There are several permissions available when it comes to using tasks. You can add, delete, edit, and view tasks. You also have the option to assign tasked to other employees and view other employee tasks. You can access these permissions by going to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Tasks, 

In order to use task templates, you need to first create the task template.

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