What is the Exposure Control BoardRoom module?

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Reflects lease expiration information for the Property or portfolio (property group) chosen.


1.  Expiration

The "“Limit"” reflects the number of leases allowed to expire by management for the given month as outlined in preferences.

a.  Reflects all signed current leases, pending leases and signed renewals.

“b.  "Over Limit"” Warning- If the Lease End date entered for a new applicant exceeds the allowed number expirations for that month, a warning will pop up while in the prospect portal and prohibit the user from selecting that Lease End date.

c.  Only users with permission may override the expiration limit.
Scroll to the right to see future months.

2.  Renewals

a.  Reflects “"Secured Renewal"” results for the next 90 days.

    • Users may view one or multiple Properties as selected in property field in top right of The BoardRoom.

b.  The % Captured allows the users to see if the Property is meeting the budgeted renewal capture rate.

c.  The ability to view Capture rates that are below budget allow the user time to plan a course of action to offset the inevitable increase in budgeted turn expense.  



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Permissions and Settings

To view the Exposure Control BoardRoom module you need permission to [name of permission]. To check permissions, go to Admin > User > (Select User) > Change Permissions > BoardRoom Modules > Exposure Control.

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