How do I perform Move Out Reconciliation (Move Out Charges)?

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*Please note that the way a move out is processed will be determined by your company's policies and procedures. Specifically regarding move outs with delinquent balances left on the account at the time of move out.

A.  Assess Move-Out charges and apply Deposit(s)

  • Enter Unit #/ Name in "Quick Search" to retrieve former resident
  • Outstanding balance will display in top right corner
  • Choose Move Out Reconciliation (MOR) from the Quick Links on the left-side menu
  • Date: the Move Out date
  • Enter descriptive Notes
  • Current Outstanding Charges will display.
  • Click > ADD to create new Move-Out charges (damages, cleaning, etc.)
  • Current Balance: What they owed before Move-Out Charges
  • Adjusted Balance:  What they owed after you add new Move-Out Charges
Note: Deposit will be applied to Outstanding Charges first and then to new Move-Out Charges.
Note: Default charges set up at the property can automatically appear during the Move Out Reconciliation screen.

B.  IF: A refund is due to the resident

  • Deposit applied to Balance and Deposit Refund fields may be edited (if security permission is given)
  • Click > SAVE
    1. Will charge the Move Out charges to the tenant ledger
    2. Will apply the Deposit to the residents charges
  • Any Deposit to be refunded will now be waiting for approval and payment

C.  IF: The resident has a remaining balance owed

  • After applying the Deposit to charges, if the resident still owes money, a new section appears on the page:  Outstanding Balance Action.


D.  Outstanding Balance Action

  • Post to Ledger
    1. Post all Move-Out Charges to the Resident's Ledger to be reflected as delinquent until written or paid off
    2. Applies charges to consume the resident's deposit.
  • Post to Ledger and Write-Off Balance
    1. Preforms the tasks above PLUS:
    2. Writes off (or reverses) all outstanding charges
    3. Write-Off verses Reversal is determined by how each Transaction Category is setup.
  • Post to Ledger, Write-Off Balance, Create Collections Account
    1. Preforms all the tasks above PLUS:
    2. All Outstanding balances are now moved into an in-house collection account.
    3. On the Outstanding Collection Accounts report, these residents will be shown in the Pending group until a collection agreement is created.

E.  Print MOR (SODA) Statement

  • Resident Portal > Ledger> Reports> Account Statement> Print




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Permissions and Settings

To perform Move Out Reconciliation the resident must be moved out, and you need permission to open and view residents. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Residents > View.

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