How do I set up an In House Payment Plan with a Resident? (In House Collections)

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ResMan allows users to set up in house payment plans for former residents and track the progress of the accounts.  (This was Option 3 in the Outstanding Balance Item section.)

A.  Charges assessed during the reconciliation do not reflect on the resident ledger and therefore do not reflect inflated delinquent balances for former residents.  Once the payment is collected, the charges post to the resident ledger along with the payment.

B.  Locate Unit/Resident

  • Enter the Unit #/ Name in "Quick Search"
  • Accounting > Collections
  • Select > Set Up Agreement
    1. Enter the agreed upon monthly amount to be paid on balance
    2. ResMan will automatically charge that amount on the first of the month during Recurring Charges
    3. Balance will be reflected on Delinquents report after the next auto bill and remain on the report until the scheduled payment has been received or account has been changed to "Send to Collections"

  • Select > Change Agreement
    1. Allows for revision of monthly payment amount or to change due
  • Select > Send to Collections
    1. Select this when you need to note the account has been sent to Third part collections
  • Select > Collections Notices Sent
    1. Enter notes as to when and what kind of collection efforts have been made to date

Summary Information:  Information about the account

Agreements:  Shows any Payment agreement details

Close Account: Closes the Collections Account (It can be reopened)

Charges:  List all outstanding items & balance

  • Use Add/Edit/Delete to change the amounts
  • Use Post Charges to move any amount OUT of the collection Account and BACK into the Resident Ledger.

Payment Schedule:  If they are on a payment plan this will list all previously billed amounts.



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Permissions and Settings

To set up an agreement you need permission to manage collection accounts. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Manage Collection Accounts.

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