How do I create Email / Text Templates?


ResMan allows you to set up email / text templates to use for your recurring messaging needs.  These templates are saved messages that you can use whenever you need to send that message (or a similar message) to your Residents.  When creating these messages, you can use Merge Fields, so that your messages are customized to each recipient. 

A.  Create the Email Template

  1. Tools > Messaging
  2. New Template (Sub-Menu)
  3. Choose the Property or Property Group
  4. Choose the type that you will send this email to
  5. Name your Template
  6. Put an email subject line (you can use merge fields here)
  7. Enter the body of the email.  It will be a combination of text and Merge Fields.
  8. Save
Note: Changing the types will change the merge field list



 NOTE: You can have formulas based on dates or amounts. Here are some examples of the formatting:


  • Lease End Date: [=LeaseEndDate=]
  • Lease End Date + 5 Days: [==DATEADD(Day, 5, LeaseEndDate)=]
  • Lease End Date + 2 Months: [==DATEADD(Month, 2, LeaseEndDate)=]
  • Lease End Date + 1 Year: [==DATEADD(Year, 1, LeaseStartDate)=]


  • Balance: [=Balance=]
  • Balance * 2: [==MATH(Balance * 2, N2)=]
  • Balance + MarketRent: [==MATH(Balance + MarketRent, N1)=]
  • (Balance) * ((Balance + 1) + MarketRent): [==MATH((Balance) * ((Balance + 1) + MarketRent), N0)=]


B.  Use an Template

  1. Click on any Applicant/Residents's email address
  2. from the lower left, click TEMPLATE
  3. Select the Email Template.  Click SEND

C.  Add other files

  1. Click Add to add documents that are attached to a file within ResMan or that are located on your computer or network.  




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