How do I Void Checks?


1.  Navigate to Accounting > Cash > Bank Accounts

2.  Click the link to enter the desired Bank Account record


3.  From either the Ledger tab or the Check Ledger tab, locate the check.

4.  Click the clue Check number link.

  • A picture of the check displays

5.  Click the VOID button at the bottom

6.  Select if you want to Void associated Invoices & Purchase Orders

  • If you void them, they will not be waiting to be paid.

7.  Enter the void date & void description (required)

8.  Click OK

NOTE: The Invoice(s) are now back to being approved invoices, waiting to be paid. The user will either need to re-issue checks for those invoices OR void those invoices if they do not plan to pay them.
ResMan also has option to reinstate the voided check, if you voided it by accident.
Click into the voided check, and select REINSTATE:



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