How can I see the General Ledger Account Detail?


The General Ledger Accounts portal provides a place to view an interactive general ledger that allows you to see all journal entries that make up a given general ledger balance.

Viewing the General Ledger Detail

1.  Enter GL Account number or name into "Quick Search"

2.  Alternatively, you can view your Chart of Accounts by navigating to Accounting > General Ledger > GL Accounts

3.  Select the desired GL Account from the search results or the Chart of Accounts to be taken to the interactive ledger for the account

4.  Select viewing preference "Cash or Accrual"

5.  Click > Go Button to load the ledger

6.  Click > Detail to drill down into a given date's journal entries

7.  Click > Reference to drill down to a given transaction


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Permissions and Settings

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