How do add a GL Account and Category?


This is used when you need to create both a new GL Account number and its associated Transaction Category

1.  Accounting > General Ledger > GL Accounts > New GL Account

2.  Click ADD


  • Enter GL Number
  • Enter Name
  • Select the type from the drop-down box 
  • Description: Optional (May help users to use this account correctly)
  • Select the Sub-Account from the drop-down box
    • Will put this account "within" an existing section of the accounts (Example Cable TV is within Utilities)
  • Choose whether to make this a Summary Account
    • Typically you make Section headings summary accounts
    • When you choose to run a report by Summary (rather than by Detail), it will roll up the account into these sections

3.  Within the Transaction Category Section

  • Enter the Name 
  • Enter a short Abbreviation
  • Enter a Description
  • Choose the Type (Charge, Credit, Deposit, Payment)
    • Typically it will be a Charge or Credit
  • If it is a Credit, choose Auto Credit Category to apply credits towards
  • If this is considered Gross Potential Rent, check Rent Charge
  • If you will charge late fees on this item, check Late Fee Assessable
  • If this is a credit, and your resident will lose this credit if they become late, check Reverse Due to Late Rent
    • If you want this charge written off to a Bad Debt account during Move Out Reconciliation, check Write Off at Move Out
  1. If you do not check this box, the charge will be reversed against the same charge type


Having Issues? Try this

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