What is a Pending Applicant?


A.  Once a prospect has been converted to an Applicant, the applicants status changes to Pending Applicant and new menu options appear.

B.  Leasing Workflow

  • Screen Applicant (if you are using one of our screening partners)
  • Create Online Application: Allows the user to send a link for the applicant to apply online, pay any required fees and be screened. (requires Aptexx to accept online payments and a screening partner for automatic screenings).
  • Approve/ Deny/ Cancel/ Transfer

C.  General Information

  • Add Roommate/ Spouse or Add Dependents

D.  Accounting

  • Deposits - reflects the required deposits for the account.  If you need to change the amount of the required deposit, you can
    1. Edit (Ex: "look and Lease" reduces the amount)
    2. Add (EX: Additional deposit required for approval)
    3. Delete (EX: Employee lease)
  • Recurring Charges - reflects recurring charges such as rent, concessions, view charges, upgrades and loss/ gain to lease.
    1. Do not set up rentable items under recurring charges
    2. Recurring items setup at the Property level will appear automatically in the applicant's Recurring Charges
  • Rentable Items - use this module to set up rentable items such as Carports, Garages, Storage, Reserved Parking, Appliance Rentals. 

E.  Manage - Allows user to manage the charges and demographics

Note: Deny is considered a Pending Lease (in case they come back with a guarantor or larger deposit). To get them to drop off reports click CANCEL.



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