Deposit: How do I enter a Resident's Security Deposit check?

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1.  Click the New Transaction icon

2.  Select Property

3.  Select the Account-(Unit # or Name)

4.  Enter the date of payment

5.  Select Type = Deposit

6.  Select Payment Method

a.  Cash

b.  Cashier's Check

c.  Check

d.  Credit Card

e.  Money Order

7.  Enter Payment Reference #

a.  "Quick Search" will allow the user to search for Check or Money Order as long as a reference number was entered.

8.  Category-enter the category

a.  The choices in the drop-down list will be any Transaction Category marked as Deposit (Ex: Escrow Deposit, Pet Deposit)

9.  Description-The category description displays initially. Add any additional descriptive information.

10.  Enter Amount $

11.  Notes-enter any additional information as needed (payment arrangement details, bank researching, debt paid in full)

12.  Save or Save and New

a.  Save and New is used for transactions that the user wishes to duplicate certain fees for bulk posting. 



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Permissions and Settings

To enter a resident's security deposit check you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Add.

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