How do I Assess Late Fees?

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Assess Late Fees allows you to identify and charge residents who have outstanding charges. The late fees are based on schedules you create. To learn how to create these schedules, click here. Below are instructions for assessing late fees: 

Step 1.  Go to Accounting > Transactions > Assess Late Fees

Step 2. Fill out the required drop-down fields, including "Property", "Late Fee Schedule", and "Period". 

Step 3. Fill in the "Date" field.  This refers to the date you want to assess your late fees. ResMan looks for all residents who have outstanding charges as of this date.

Step 4. Fill in the "Charge description" field with the wording you would like to appear on the Residents' Ledgers.  

Step 5. Click "Assess".  This generates a preview of all your Residents with late fees. 


Step 6. Review resident late fee charges. You can waive late fees by clicking the red X that appears when hovering over a resident's name.

Step 7. Select "Post". The fees will be posted to the residents' ledgers. 




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Permissions and Settings

To assess late fees, ResMan requires that you have the "Assess Late Fees" permission enabled. To grant this permission go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Assess Late Fees (check the box).

ResMan requires that you have a late fee schedule created before you can assess late fees. For more information about how to create late fee schedules click here.

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