Post Recurring Charges

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The process by which scheduled monthly charges are posted to resident ledgers. Running this process will check to ensure that each resident account has a defined rent charge.

You can select if you want the charges to happen automatically or manually.


1. Admin > Properties

2. Select the Property

3. Click Settings. Scroll down & click Edit

4. Scroll to the Settings area.  Check the box for Automatically post recurring charges on the selected day of the month:

Note: The charges will be dated the first of the month. This date is when the process is run.



 1.  Select > Accounting > Receivables > Post Recurring Charges

a.  Menu Pops Up - Property Is Defaulted

b.  Date (Defaults to the 1st of the month)

c.  Select OK



 2.  The system will list errors that MUST be corrected before you can Post Recurring Charges

a.  Leases without a Rent Charge (Must Resolve)

    • Follow the link to that resident's page
    • Go to the Recurring Charges module
    • Make sure that the Rent charge Starts: On or before the date you are posting Recurring Charges
    • Make sure that the Rent charge Ends: After the end of that month

b.  Residents not Moved In or Out (Must Resolve)

    • Follow the link to that resident's page
    • Option A: Move that resident In or Out (before the date of Posting Recurring Charges)


    • Option B: Change their intended Move In or Move Out date to After the date of the Post Recurring Charge


3.  The system will also list warnings. You are not required to change anything for them.

a.  Leases with Multiple Rent Charges (Optionally Resolve)

    • Follow the link to that resident's page
    • Go to the Recurring Charges module
    • Delete the duplicate Rent charge

b.  Expired Leases without a Month-to-Month Fee (Optionally Resolve)
This is a list of leases:

    • Whose Lease End Date is in the past
    • And do not have a Month-to-Month Fee in their Recurring Charges schedule
    • If you have setup a Month-to-Month fee amount in your property settings, you have the option to check the box and click Add Month-to-Month Fee
    • That fee will be charged (for this month only) to the resident

  c.  Residents Skipped with Future Move In Or Move Out Dates (Information)

    • The following residents are scheduled to move in or move out between today and the recurring charge post date.
    • Those moving out will not be charged during this posting and will need to have their charges manually posted if they do not end up moving out
    • Those moving in will have their recurring charges posted for the selected month upon actual move in

    d.  Expired Leases not at Market Rent (Optionally Resolve)

This is a list of lease:

    • Whose Lease End Date is in the past
    • And who are paying less than Market Rent
    • If desired you can go into their Recurring Charges and raise their rent to Market Rent

4.  Review the report for accuracy

a.  Look for Concession amounts that look out of the ordinary 

5.  Select Post



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Permissions and Settings

To post recurring charges you need permission to. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Transactions > Post Recurring Charges.

Change Current Period:  Allows a user to change the period

Run Change/Close Period Analysis:  Allows a user to only run the analysis 


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