How do I Select and Pay Invoices?

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1.  Accounting > Payables > Invoices > Pay Invoices



2.  Select > Property or Property Group

3.   Select > Vendor (ALL VENDORS is available)

4.  Enter the Due on or Before Date (optional)

5.  Group Invoices (this controls how they display below)

6.  Click Load Invoices  (on the right)

7.  Pay by:

  • Property:
  • Intercompany: If you have Intercompany setup, you will see a list of possible bank accounts
  • Bank Account: If you choose a property group, this will show any shared bank accounts.

8.  Choose BANK ACCOUNT to use to pay invoices (The bank balance will display below)

9.  Enter the Payment Method (Check, Cash, Cashier's Check, Debit Card, EFT Money Order)

10.  Enter a memo that will print on all checks (optional)


NOTE: Unpaid invoices can be viewed: • The BoardRoom module “Accounts Payable Summary” • Unpaid Invoice report.
    • ResMan will default to next available check number.  (may be changed)
    • The Pay Invoices and Print button appears - Click to print checks to PDF
NOTE: The bank balance will display at the top of the screen. If you select a different bank account, the display will change. As you select invoices to pay, the affect will show above.
  • If you are paying with other types of payment:
    • Click the "Pay Invoices" button at the bottom of the page.
    • Although nothing will print, these payment will be recorded in the bank account
  • If you select a Property Group (Portfolio)
    • Pay by: Property:  Default bank accounts must be setup.  Used for MICR check printing will print each properties checks, one right after the other.
    • Pay by: Intercompany:  If you have Intercompany setup, you will see a list of possible bank accounts.  This will create a Payable (Due From) and a Receivable (Due To) on the appropriate properties general ledger.
    • Pay by: Bank Account:  If you have shared bank accounts, this option will print 1 check per vendor. 



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