What are amenities, and how can I use them?


Allows the user to add items to a unit (or group of units) that add value (i.e. Pool View, 2nd Floor, Fireplace)

Property > Amenities

  • Select the property
  • Type: Drop down arrow and enter a new type OR select an existing type
  • Enter a Name and Description
  • Effective Date - The date this will start affecting units
  • Charge: 
        Increase unit market rent - will increase their RENT charge (which will       increase Gross Potential Rent)

             Add recurring charge to Lease - will charge them another type of                        charge each month.  Choose the Category to charge them

  • Enter Charge amount
  • Select the units that have this Amenity
  • SAVE
  • Choose EDIT under the amenity to select if it is available for online marketing.


Note: Adding Amenities to a Unit will NOT change any existing leases. They will display for Renewed Leases and New Leases only!

Having Issues? Try this

Permissions and Settings

To [action] you need permission to [name of permission]. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > [Settings Category] > [Name of Setting]

In order to [action], you need to [Description of Setting]. Click here to read how to set that up.

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