How do I create and run a Report Batch?

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Report Batches allow you to create a group of reports that are all run at one time.

  • Create a new Report Batch
    • Reports > Report Batch
    • Select NEW
    • Create a Name for this batch
      • Examples:  Month-End Reports, Owner 1 Reports
    • Click on the report names to add them to the batch (the selected reports will be highlighted in blue
    • Click View/Change Report Order
      • Click and drag to have these print in a certain order
      • Save
    • Done
  • Run a Report Batch
    • Reports > Report Batch
    • Drop down the menu to choose the desired Report Batch
    • Run
    • Answer any report parameters (property, dates, etc.)
      • Check-box for Date:  Use For All will use those dates for all reports in this batch
    • Send to: Enter the email address for the recipient of these reports
    • OK

These Reports can be accessed from the ResMan Advisor link or by opening the email link.


ResMan will also store your reports in in the Saved Reports (Reports > Saved Reports). 



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Permissions and Settings

To [action] you need permission to [name of permission]. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > [Settings Category] > [Name of Setting]


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