How do I write a check or record a payment without an Invoice? (New Vendor Payment)


Allows you to write a quick check or record other payments (including debit & credit cards).

1.  Navigate to Accounting > Cash > Bank Accounts

2.  Click > New Vendor Payment



3.  Specify the property and bank account

4.  Specify the Payment Method

  • If you specify Check, you can choose whether you want to update the Next Check Number
  • If you choose credit card bank account, you will not see the Payment Method choice.

5.  Specify whether the vendor is:

  • A standard vendor
  • A Summary Vendor (Miscellaneous Vendor).  If you choose this option, you can type the specific vendor name and address. (If you do not want to use this feature, do not setup any Summary Vendors)

6.  Enter the check number, date, amount, memo

  • If you choose Cash, Cashier's Check, Debit Card, EFT, or Money Order, you can enter any text or number in the Check number field (even if it has been used before).

7.  Enter the GL Distribution

8.  Printing a Quick Check: Click Save & Print




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