How can I search, view, or edit Journal Entries I have posted?


You can access journal entries you have posted through the Journal Entries landing page.  

1.  Once you have posted a journal entry batch, it will show up on the main Journal Entries portal page. To get there, go to Accounting > Journal Entries.


2. Search for a journal entry by property and/or date range, and click "go".

3.  Click on on a batch row, and you will see the posted set of journal entries for viewing or editing. 

NOTE: Journal entries posted to a GL Account tied to a bank account, will automatically create a bank reconciliation record for that journal entry.


Having Issues? Try this

Permissions and Settings

To view and edit Journal Entries you need these permissions. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Journal Entries.  Then select "View" and/or "Edit".

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