How do I Import my Budget?


How to import/export budget files to/from a CSV file.

1.  Export last year's budget (optional)

  • Accounting > General Ledger > GL Account > Import Budget (sub-menu)
  • Select the Property
  • Year: Select last year
  • Click > Export
  • The file will open (in Excel) as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file
  • You can use this file to create you new year's budget file.

2.  Import New Year's Budget

  • Accounting > General Ledger > GL Account > Import Budget (sub-menu)
  • Select the Property
  • Year: Select the budget year
  • Select the accounting method
  • Browse to your CSV file
  • Click > Import


Note: The CSV file must look like the example above: NO titles/totals/formatting (like underlines).


Note: ResMan offers a Budget Tool that allows users to build a new year’s budget based on prior year data and assumptions. This Budget Import will be used initially to bring an existing budget into ResMan. Going forward, either budget method may be chosen. 



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