What options do I have for an existing Prospect?


1. Use the "Quick Search" to access the Prospect screen.

2. Leasing Workflow:

  • Send Guest Card
    • Sends an email to the prospect with a link requesting further information (Leasing preferences, etc.)
    • When a submission is received into ResMan, a task will be created for the assigned leasing agent letting them know an update or a submission has been made. 
    • Note:  You can also put a link on your website to collect Guest Card information.  When it arrives in ResMan a Prospect will be created.
  •   Send Online Application:
    • Sends an email allowing the applicant to apply
    • Select OnLine Availability to allow them to choose a unit & apply Or Select Application for Unit and select the unit for them
    • Choose Which Prospects should receive this email
    • Note: Nothing will happen unless they apply.  Once they apply, pay any required fees, and are automatically screened (optional), they will be converted to a Pending Applicant in ResMan.  Sending this application does NOT tie up a unit.  Nothing happens until they apply.
  • Convert to Applicant (Discussed in more detail later)
    • This lets the user assign the Prospect to a Unit
    • If you attempt to choose a unit that already has a lease, you will receive an error.
  • Lost Prospect:
    • If the prospect does not choose to lease from your property
  • Transfer
    • Allows you to transfer this Prospect to a different property
    • Any payments made will not transfer.

3. General Information

  • Personal Information
  • Information & Preferences
  • Add: Roommate/Spouse or Dependents

4. Accounting

  • Ledger:  They will only have transactions, if you have done Create Billing Account
  • Create Billing Account:  If you need to accept money or create a charge for this prospect

5. Manage

  • Communication Log:  Location for additional communication with Prospect
  • Appointments: Enter any future appointments (calendar display only)
  • Pets
  • Waiting Lists (Discussed in more detail later):  Click on Wait List to place prospect on wait list.
  • Documents:  Expand the document module to attach documents to the prospect's portal.  Click ADD
  • Employment & Other Income: Under each Person's tab, click to ADD EMPLOYMENT or ADD OTHER INCOME
  • Addresses: Click ADD to offer additional addresses.  If you select Default Mailing Address, that address will be used in Ledgers & Statements

6. Quick Links & Reports

  • DocuSign:
    • This allows you to email documents out of ResMan for each party (your agents and the Prospect) to sign.
    • ResMan will alert you when everyone has signed.
    • DocuSign is included with ResMan.  You do not have to sign up. 
  • Reports
    • Prospect Profile:  Allows you to print out the Prospect Information.

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