How do I Approve, Cancel or Deny an applicant?

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After you have converted a prospect to a pending applicant, you must approve them. Only users with permission may change an applicant's status from pending to an approved status.

Approving an Applicant

  • Select the applicant that need approving (or Select All)
  • Approval Prerequisites


  • If you have turned on approval "Action Prerequisites" in setup, you will see "Approval Prerequisites". Any approval items created during setup will be listed (such as "Approved applicant screening result).  
  • If you require an approved applicant screening result: if the screening was successful, it will be checked.  If not, it will be un-checked. Users with permission can over-ride the prerequisite. 


  • Once all Items are checked, the "Approve" button will appear
  • Enter Approval Dates & any notes
  • Click > Approve

The applicant is now an Approved Applicant

  • Each Resident/ Occupant will have a tab at the top of the screen.
  • Notice that there is an identifying letter in the tab to the lest of the residents name:
    1. (P) Pending Applicant
    2. (A) Approved
    3. (X) Cancel
    4. (NTV) Notice to Vacate
    5. (F) Former
    6. (PT) Pending Transfer
    7. (UE) Under Eviction
    8. (E) Evicted

Once an Applicant has been approved, new menu actions appear:


1.  Deny

  • Locate your applicant
  • Click Actions > Deny
If the situation changes, you can click Undo.

2.  Cancel

  • You can also Cancel a pending Applicant if they change their mind about leasing.
If the situation changes, you can click Undo.

3.  Transfer

  • If your applicant changes their mind and wants a different Unit, you can select Transfer.
  • You can Transfer them multiple times while they are an applicant.


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Permissions and Settings

To approve an applicant you need permission to approve, deny and cancel applicants. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Residents > Approve / Deny / Cancel.

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