How do I create a Deposit Batch?


After taking payments, you'll want to batch them out.

  • Accounting > Transactions > Create Deposit Batch (Located on sub-menu)
  • Select property name, current month, the bank account and batch description

You can either name the batch manually (example: 2/12/14-1) or check Use Batch Number. Clicking Use Batch Number generates an automatic number in ResMan. The number is based off the following formula:

               2015 (year) 04 (month) 001 (batch # of that month)

A list of open transactions by user will display. The are separated by payments and deposits.


  • Select the transactions to include in the batch you are creating. 
  • Enter Amount $ (the total that is being deposited)
  • Click Create Deposit Batch
  • Confirm the total and bank account

A Yellow Success Ribbon appears after the batch is created. On the batch ribbon are the options to print a deposit slip and print the bank detail.




Need More Help? Watch this video

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Having Issues? Try this 

Issue: I can't located my batch detail report?

Try: Search in the Quick Search Bar for the Bank Deposit Detail Report and select the right batch number.

Issue: It won't let me create the batch.

Try: Double check your information is correct. The total amount has to match the total of transactions checked off. You might notice the total box is red. This means something isn't matching up 

Issue:I don't see the bank account I want to deposit the money into. 

Try: You need the correct permissions in place. Click here to learn how 


Permissions and Settings

To batch payments you need permission to access the bank account. 

  • Accounting > Bank Account.
  • Click into the bank account.
  • Click the small blue EDIT button to the right of the account name.
  • Scroll down to the security section. Make sure the user group is checked.

Note: This does not give the user rights to view the bank transactions...just rights to be able to batch payments into that bank account.



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