How do I enter a New Vendor?

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1.  Accounts > Vendors > New Vendor (sub-menu)



2.  Enter the company address & contact information

3.  Customer # (optional) - can print on checks

4.  Summary Vendor - Used for 1-time checks

5.  Payment Information - indicate whether to use the address above or to enter a new address for payments

6.  High Priority Vendor - indicate whether you want the invoices for this vendor to appear (on the boardroom and when paying invoices) in a "High Priority" section.

7.  Print on checks as - Allows you to have a payment issued under a different name (example: they are in bankruptcy and you have to make payments on their behalf to a bank)

8.  One Check Per Invoice - Helpful for companies that have trouble applying your checks correctly when you send a check with multiple invoices on it.  

9.  Automatic Due Date - Checking this box opens the next question allowing you to specify how many days from the Invoice date to make the Due Date.  (Note:  The Due Date may be overwritten when entering invoices.  This is the default).  

10.  Vendor Receives a 1099 - indicate if they need the form and which type of form.  



11.  Default GL Account - Will offer this number to you when entering invoices, but it can be overwritten. 

12.  Indicate if this vendor is required to provide insurance

13.  If yes, enter the Expiration Date (Note: The Vendor expiration report uses this date to determine which vendors need to provide their information)

14.  Properties - Indicate which of your properties mat use this vendor.  

  • You can also indicate if you want a certain Tax Group to default for this vendor (may be overwritten when entering invoice) 
  • You can enter beginning vendor balance at this point also.

15.  Click SAVE



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Permissions and Settings

To enter a new vendor you need permission to create new vendors. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Vendors > Add.

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