How can I use WOIT accounts?

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A WOIT is a ResMan category that includes a Work Order, Invoice, or Transaction and is not associated with a current resident.  WOITS provide a way to link all these transactions together in ResMan.  

A.  WOIT accounts can include:

  • Work Orders
  • Invoices
  • Transactions

B.  Examples of WOITs include:

  • Miscellaneous Income (Laundry income, etc.)
  • Locations on your Property (Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, etc.)
  • Incidents or Events (Example: Property Damage)



C.  Access WOIT: > Accounts > WOIT Account

  • Select an account
  • View the details of that account.

D.  How to Create a New WOIT Account

  • Accounts > WOIT Account > NEW WOIT Account
  • Create a Name for the account
  • Add any descriptive notes 
  • Decide on posting options
    1. Allow invoices to be posted to account?
    2. Allow transactions to be posted to account?
    3. Allow work orders to be posted to the account?

E.  Invoices

  • Click on the Invoice efficiency icon at the bottom
    1. Within Location, select the WOIT

F.  Transactions (i.e. to accept money)

  • Click the New Transaction efficiency Icon
  • Account = Select your WOIT
  • Type = Charge and Payment 

G.  Work Order

  • Click the Work Order efficiency Icon
  • Location = Your WOIT



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