How do I create a form letter?

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Form Letters allow you to create documents that retrieve data from ResMan, resulting in customized letters for your residents.  Form Letters also allow you to create custom fields that can be populated at the time the document is created.

Download Merge Field List

  • Open ResMan 
  • Tools > Form Letters: Download Merge Field List (Sub-Menu)
  • Do not open the file.

Create the Word Document

  • Open WORD
  • Click on the Mailings tab
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Select Recipients icon
  • Select Use Existing List
  • Navigate to the download folder
  • Select the MergeFieldList file 
You will see ResMan’s merge fields if you click on the Insert Merge Field icon


  • You can begin creating your form letter.  Here is an example of a part of a form letter:


    • You will type text until you nee a merge field and then you will select it from the list.  It will display with double brackets around the name <<Name>>. 
    • Save your Word document.

 C.  Add Your Form Letter into ResMan

  • Tools > Form Letters
  • New Form Letter (Sub-menu)
  • Select either All Properties or the specific property that will use this form
  • Assign it a Name
  • Assign it a Category (grouping) 
Note: It will be grouped under this Category in the list 
D.  Formulas with Date's and Numbers

You can create formula's based on dates or number fields.

Within your word document, highlight the date or number and click ALT F9 which will allow you to edit the formula.  Here are some examples:


E. To Run A Form Letter

  • Tools > Form Letters
  • Click on the Name of the Form Letter

 Enter the Parameters to select the resident(s)

  • Click Get Recipients
    • A list of your residents that meet the Parameters will be listed
  • Use the Red X to delete any that you do not want to print
  • Click PRINT
If you don’t add any Parameters…every one of your residents will receive this Form Letter!



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