How do I issue Resident Refund Checks?

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Allows you to issue resident refunds initiated by the on-site team

1.  Navigate to Accounting > Cash > Bank Accounts > Refunds 

    - OR -

    Boardroom > Accounts Payable Summary > Refunds

2.  Select the residents(s)

    - OR -

    Click Other, and enter the name that should be on the check. (example: Housing Authority)



3.  Check the boxes next to the deposits you wish to include in the refund check

4.  Choose the bank account

  • The bank balance will display below

5.  Enter the Date

6.  Enter the Payment Method = Check

  • The next check number will prefill (but may be changed)

7.  The Address should be filled with the forward address

  • If not, simply click the Edit button to update the address

8.  Click Complete and Print

  • The PDF file will be created
NOTE: If no forwarding address exists, ResMan will off you the option to use the Unit Address.

 NOTE: ResMan now has a Bulk Payments button to allow you to pay multiple residents at one time (similar to the Pay Invoice screen).



Video too small? Click the Full Screen link on the lower right of the video!

Having Issues? Try this
Issue:I accidentally refunded a Security Deposit. Can I reverse this before the check is printed?
Try: (1) If a check has already been printed, void that check then do Step 2. If the check has not been printed, skip to Step 2. (2) Go into their resident ledger. Select the line for the refund, and click REVERSE (use the same date that you refunded it if possible). That will put the deposit back onto his record (and remove it from the refunds waiting for payment list.)


Permissions and Settings

To [action] you need permission to [name of permission]. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > [Settings Category] > [Name of Setting]

In order to [action], you need to [Description of Setting]. Click here to read how to set that up.

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