How do I set up a Check Signature? (Check Signatures)


A.  Create a Signature File

  • This must be an image (JPG) file
  • Crop the image so there is a slight "white space" around the image
  • Use a dark signature on a light background
  • The size of the file does not matter (ResMan will "resize" it if necessary.

 B.  Upload the file

  • Admin > Users > Locate the user is the check signer
  • Click on the Signature Module -> Change
  • Upload the Image file (the file will display on the right)

C.  Give the user rights

  • Admin > Groups
  • Select the Group that the check writer is in
  • Give them rights to the Bank Accounts ->  Print Signed Checks



D.  As you print checks, check the box and select your name

  • You can print signed checks in 3 locations:
    1. Pay Invoices
    2. Refunds
    3. New Vendor Payment
NOTE: If the signature is not positioned correctly, you can move it up/down or right/left in Admin > Settings > Check Printing Profiles > Signature 1




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Having Issues? Try this


Permissions and Settings

To [action] you need permission to [name of permission]. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > [Settings Category] > [Name of Setting]

In order to [action], you need to [Description of Setting]. Click here to read how to set that up.

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