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This section will help you setup the property's most important settings such as bank accounts, late fees, proration, NSF and more.

To access this setting, first select Admin > Properties from the main top menu. Then select the property you wish to edit. A new page will open and in the menu on the left hand side, click Settings. Follow the explanation below to configure the settings.

There is a video at the bottom of the page for your convenience. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.



1.  Click Edit, at the end of the drop down section, to make changes. 


2.  Enter your Management Company, Regional Manger & Manager Name.
  • Manager is a field that can be used in Form Letters & Emails
  • If a specific name is not in the drop down menu, please add them under Users and Employees. (Account>Employees).

3. Choose the Fiscal Year Start Month.

4. Enter a Default AP Account.

  •  This is used if you print checks for a Property Group.

5. Enter your Late & NSF Fee defaults.

6. Enter your Month-to-Month Fee amount (Other Fees).

  • During Post Recurring Charges, you can charge this amount for any expired leases.

7. Enter your Proration Defaults.

  • If you use Charge Distributions, you can prorate the last one during Move Out.

8. Enter the Termination Fees for that property.

  • Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

9. Enter Month-To-Month Leases.

  • Please specify charges.

10. Enter Gross Potential Rent.

  • Please specify entries.

11. Select if you want to track Loss/Gain to Lease.

  • If Market Rent = $100 and you charge $900 in Rent, ResMan will make the following entries each month.

            Market Rent                 1000

            Less:  Loss to Lease     -100

12. Select Transactions specifications.

  • For your information, if you select Automatically Total Deposit batches, the user will not need to manually add up their checks.

13. Enter and Select Prospects settings.

  • Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Enter days and chose from the drop down menu.

14. Enter and select Applicants and Residents settings.

  • ResMan recommends that you select "Allow leases currently under eviction to be pre-leased" so that you can take advantage of our Collections feature.

15. Select your Move Out Reconciliation settings.

16. Select your Purchase Order settings.

17.  Select Invoices settings. 

18.  Select your Email Server Settings.

  • Most users use ResMan's email service to send emails out of ResMan.

19. Enter and select Work Order Settings.

20.  Click > SAVE to save your changes. 



Video too small? Click the Full Screen link on the lower right of the video!


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