How do I accept Online Payments from Residents?

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This provides a way to accept online payments from a Prospect, Applicant, or Resident.

You can accept payments by:

1.  Entering in their credit card information yourself

2.  Emailing them a link to enter their own payment information (Aptexx & Paylease only)

Note: To use this feature, you must have a Online Payment Processing account (example: Paylease, Aptexx)

1.  From the Prospect, Applicant, or Resident page, click Accept Online Payment


2.  Select the Type

a.  Application Fee

b.  Deposit

c.  Rent

d.  Application Fee and Deposit

 Note: These types are set up by the payment processing company.

Choosing "Application Fee" or "Rent" does not determine how the money is applied in ResMan. It will arrive in ResMan as a standard payment and be applied to any outstanding charges.

Choosing "Deposit" will cause the money to be applied as a Security Deposit.

3.  Select the payment Category

4.  Enter the Amount

5.  If you want them to pay through an email link, check the box next to: Email online payment link

6.  Click OK

7.  If you did not select the Email option, you will be redirected to the payment processor's website to enter their payment information.



This is an example of how the Communication Log entry will appear after the email is sent.




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