Resident Portal - Setup - Property

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There are four modules within each property that affect the Resident Portal:

Admin > Properties. Select the property.


  • Select a property logo that you want to display in the resident portal
  • The marketing phone will display on the portal
  • The Email will display on the portal

Marketing Information

  • The office hours entered will display in the portal (in contact information)

Permanent Portal Documents

  • Any documents added here will be available for all residents of the property in the portal

Resident Portal Settings   

  • Select to enable resident portal and which residents should have access (former, evicted)
  • Click Edit to change the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) if you are comfortable with that language
  • Pages: Select which sections of the resident portal you would like to display
  • Appointment: Select what options are available for appointments. At least one must be selected.
  • Welcome message: Add images and text for your welcome page (residents, applicants)
  • Facebook: enter your facebook URL if you would like it to display on the resident portal
  • Work Orders: Enter the information about the work orders submitted through the portal




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