How can I add amenities to my units?


When potential renters browse through your Online Availability page, they will be able to see any amenities you have added to your units. 

You can also view any unit amenities for your Available Units in your Available Units report. 

Within ResMan you can set up your amenities to increase renter charges or to be free.  Here is how you add amenities within ResMan:


1. Go to Property > Amenities

2. Click New Amenity

3. Select the Property

4. Type: Create a new type or use an existing one (Example: View, Flooring)

5. Name: Assign a name to this Amemity

6. Effective Date: The date you want this to start

7. Charge: If there will be a charge for this whether it will increase rent or be a separate charge

8. Charge Amount: Can be zero

9. Select the units to include


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you create an Amenity with a Charge, all NEW leases (for those units) will be assessed this charge.

Permissions and Settings

To add amenities you need permission. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Amenities > Add.


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