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These settings are used to configure our online Availability, Application and Guest Card functions. A Guestcard allows a prospective resident to request information about the units available for lease, the Availability portal allows ResMan to show the units available for lease and the Application portal allows the prospective resident to apply and submit their application for a specific lease. 
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Access and Permissions

This setting allows you to enable guestcard, online availability and application portal.



Assigned leasing agent: When a request is submitted, assign who will take care of the task.

Maximum Move In Date after availability: This is used to determine the farthest date that an applicant can move in after they have been approved for residency. For instance, if you enter 30 days they can apply up to 30 days after the unit is available.

Maximum Unit Type Availability: Regardless of how many units are available, you can set ResMan to only show that specific number.


Applicant Screening

Applicants can be screened before being approved for a lease. From the drop down menu, select options on screening reports and third party integration company to use.


Guest Card Submitted Message

A Guest Card Submitted Message and Online Availability Welcome Message settings will give you the option to customize initial messages that the applicant will see on the online Availability screen.



The Online Application contains two questionnaire tabs. Define the title, questions, and possible answers for the questionnaires here. 

To add more fields for possible answers, use .

To add more questions, use 

When done, use 



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